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Frocester is a small UK village in Gloucestershire five miles (8km) south-west of Stroud, on the edge of the Vale of Berkeley at SO 785032, GL10 3TN.

Visited by Mesolithic hunters, the agricultural potential of the area which had attracted Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age settlers, reached a peak with the establishment of three substantial Roman settlement sites and a scatter of six lesser ones, some of which were probably associated small farmsteads.

These are the SITES 1 - 9 in Volumes 1 to 3 of FROCESTER, A Romano-British Settlement its Antecedents and Successors', the record of excavations and finds at Frocester

Excavation of half a seven-acre (2.8ha) site at Frocester Court, a major part of a long-term rescue and research programme over the gravel terrace, uncovered traces of early prehistoric occupation pre-dating ditched enclosures of the later Iron Age and Roman periods.

Domestic and other structures demonstrated the transition of an Iron Age community into a Romanised one. The late third century development included a stone-built house with a walled front courtyard and formal garden, and a smaller yard at the rear. Following a peak of prosperity in the late fourth century, the house was eventually burnt down.

Later structures were probably occupied until the seventh century or a little later, before the site was abandoned to the plough.


The excavations report for 1961-94 is published in Vols 1 & 2. Vol 4 is a history of the village of Frocester. Recently published (2010) is Vol 3 covering excavations 95-09. For more information go to Publications, where Vols 1 & 2 can be viewed. Or to order go to Order Form.